Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway Struck By Terrorism

Terrorism has struck one of the most peaceful nations on earth. Known as the home of the Noble Peace Prize, Norway suffered a deadly attack that has killed more than 17 people with the final death toll still unknown.

The most insidious aspect of the attack was when the gunman, after detonating the bomb, went over to an island that was the site of a youth camp and opened fire, killing several campers. The gunman is in custody but the motive behind the attack is unknown. Some have been quick to blame right-wing extremists. Some are already providing cover for Islamic terrorist.

NUPI political think tank Senior Research fellow Jakub Godzimirski said he suspected a right-winger more than a militant Islamic attack. Right wing groups have grown up around the issue of immigration in Norway.

“It would be very odd for Islamists to have a local political angle. The attack on the Labour youth meeting suggests it’s something else. If Islamists wanted to attack, they could have set off a bomb in a nearby shopping mall rather than a remote island.” (Source: Yahoo News)

One thing here, Islamic terrorists don’t necessarily have a pattern. They will attack airplanes, trains, government buildings, and a whole host of other targets. The one primary goal is high casualties. As for the political angle, no one thought the muslim’s in Spain had any sort of political angle either.

I don’t think we should jump to conclusions that the attacks were done by an Islamic group, but I also don’t think the attacks should be immediately laid at the doorstep of the so-called right wing. The same kind of blame game is a continuing effort, always trying to pin a huge tragedy on someone from the right.

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