Monday, July 25, 2011

It has Started

I told you here that the leftist media was going to somehow try to attach the tragic attacks in Oslo Norway to the right. While it took a bit longer than the immediate reaction over the Tucson Tragedy, two days is still quite rapid, especially since very little CONCRETE information in know about the man who perpetrated the attacks. The New York Times is trying very hard to link the man accused of the killings and the Christian and right blogosphere. (NY Times link via Patterico)

OK, so let’s get a few things out on the table here. I am going to ask you a few questions. Which religion, Islamists or Christians, advocates the killing of non-believers? Which religion, Islamists or Christians, have cells around the world dedicated to wiping out those who don’t believe as they do? Which religion, Islamist or Christian, has training outposts deep in remote regions of the world that train people to kill those who do not believe as they do? Which religion, Islamist or Christian, has a religious book that espouses death at man’s hand, rather than God’s, to those who do not follow the text? How often have you read about a Christian group targeting a Muslim group? Or a Baptist group going after a Catholic group? Or a Lutheran group going after a Mormon group?

I think you get the picture here. The only religious group that makes it a point to target other religious groups are Islamists. While there might be Christian nut jobs out there who commit horrendous acts, they are not taught by their religious leaders to commit these crimes.

The narrative of the left is to continue to pound away at trying to link or compare the religious right to Islamic extremists. And as long as the lame stream media does not act with due diligence (whether by neglect or on purpose), this attempt will continue.

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  1. The big problem with Islam isn't that it's a religion; it's that it's an entire dogma that seeks to control all aspects of a person's life. I think most Americans, having been blessed with a Constitution that declares the government will not establish a state religion, do not understand that in much of the world, religion invades and controls every aspect of life and society. Most Americans do not understand simple truths such as "a woman, of any nationality, cannot walk unescorted in most Muslim nations," or "genital mutilation of girls is viewed with acceptance and even approval in many Muslim nations." Sharia law is not the "cultural" code of behavior that the MSM tries to paint it as. Whether out of ignorance or disbelief, most liberals simply can't believe that a set of rules that is not backed by law can control the lives of citizens who may not even belong to the culture or religion of those who create and enforce those rules.

    It really surprises me that more Americans aren't outraged by the Muslim incorporation of polygamy, and aren't investigating cases where Muslim women are collecting welfare and other benefits by claiming to be single when, in fact, they are second, third, or fourth wives. That bigamy is illegal in this country hasn't stopped Muslim men from putting multiple wives on the welfare rolls fraudulently.

    (On a more personal level, I was never happier with my already-terrific community credit union than when I saw a sign in one of their branches which states that, due to security issues, all headgear such as hats, hoods, and scarves must be removed upon entry into the building.)