Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Illegal Immigrants to Get California Student Aide

While California is mired in debt and obligations it cannot pay, a recently passed and signed bill will further tax an already collapsing system.

California is going to the banks to ask for a temporary $5 billion dollar loan in case the federal debt ceiling is not raised. At the same time California governor “Moonbeam” Brown has just signed legislation that will add more financial burden to the state. Known as the California “Dream Act”, this bill will allow illegal immigrants access to funds for a college education. The money is private, but the fallout will impact the bottom line. As private money is drained, students who don’t qualify for the private grant money will then turn to the state funding lines. (Links via Drudge Report)

BTW: I want you to notice that never does the writer for the LA Times refer to these folks as illegal immigrant students, instead using the purposefully benign term “undocumented students.”

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