Saturday, July 9, 2011

Media Bends the Truth, Yet Again

Don’t know if you all have heard about the so-called “ban on pornography” pledge signed by Republican Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann (and now Rick Santorum), but the liberal (more commonly called the main stream media) has basically bent the contextual truth of pledge to fit their narrative. Sister Toldjah has the complete rundown of the blatant media bias regarding this story. It is well worth your time.

Towards the bottom of the post she writes this:

I urge, no, beg you never, never, never, never automatically trust the “controversial” stories the MSM reports about conservatives – especially when these mainstream media outlets have the audacity to rely on fact-challenged liberal blogs like Think Progress. Don’t even “trust but verify.” Verify before trusting. This should be standard operating procedure for conservatives always, but especially right now. Next year’s elections are too damned important to buy without questioning the mainstream media’s spin on any conservative candidate for President.

I’ll even take Sister Toldjah one step further. Verify anything you read. Verify my stuff. I know I have told you guys to do your research. I generally try to provide you with the links necessary to do this verification. Verify those chain emails you get, even the ones that shine a poor light on liberal/democrat/progressive candidates. There have been times when I have received a chain email that says Obama is goofy or whatever, and when I go to verify the contents I find out the chain email is not correct, but there is other, juicier information waiting for me. Like this post here about “History Unfolding”.  An educated electorate is an electorate that won’t make a mistake like what happened in 2008.

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