Monday, July 25, 2011

The Left Now Targeting Marcus Bachmann

Currently Michelle Bachmann is the hottest candidate out there. She has gained significantly in the polls on Mitt Romney (thank goodness), and in a couple of cases has actually surpassed the main stream media’s GOP designated Republican that is OK. But with the gains, also comes the attacks.

As most that follow Bachmann know, she is very much against the gay lifestyle. Her husband, Marcus, has even opened up a clinic is Minnesota that counsels gays who wish to change back to straight (Pray the gay away as the MSM call it). It seems there are rumors floating around the left side blogosphere that Mr. Bachmann might be a closest gay. The rumors are completely unsubstantiated and based totally on his mannerisms and speech.

The lefty press continues to sink to the tar pit as they try to manipulate the public to vote for the candidates of their choosing. This includes Romney. Right now Michelle Bachmann is tearing up the opposition with her platform and her ability to connect with the conservative minded folks in the America. As she, and other conservative candidates, make inroads into the left’s control over the American people (remember 2010?), the ad hominine attacks from the leftist main stream press will continue to slide into the gutter.

These kinds of attacks on conservative candidates are really nothing new, especially in recent years. Sarah Palin has felt the sting almost from the day John McCain announced her as his running mate in 2008. Other conservative candidates have also been pounded in recent years. Rand Paul is a favorite, as is Marco Rubio. But the slide into the abyss of attacking family members has become a new trend in recent years. It got started with the Bush twins, who as far removed from the political fray as one can get but that didn’t protect them. Remember when Jenna got drunk? The press and late night commentators had a field day. In my opinion, this is what opened the flood gates. Now the press has stooped as low as using Trig Palin, who has Down’s Syndrome, as a butt of their jokes and news filler. Marcus Bachmann is just the latest in efforts of the leftist media to dehumanize those in the conservative movement.

On a releated note, a MSNBC host, the Obama cheerleading network, has said that "Bachman wants to extinguish gays." See the video here.

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