Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet the Illegal Immigrants Champion, Rep Luis Gutierrez

To say the Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez is an illegal immigrant amnesty radical would be understating things a bit. In this link here he is advocating President Obama bypass Congress and put the DREAM Act into law without any action from Congress. He has also said that “comprehensive immigration reform” should be enacted as soon as possible. By that he means all illegal immigrants currently residing in the US should be granted automatic citizenship because they are here. Never mind that they broke our laws and never mind they never should have been here in the first place.

My first experience with Rep Gutierrez was watching him on Fox News a couple of years back. Since then, he has been a little like disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Wiener in that he is a democrat not afraid to step into the lion’s den that is Fox News. His platform has almost always been exclusively pro-amnesty, speaking out against the Arizona and Georgia laws, a huge proponent of the DREAM Act, and basically pushing for a blanket amnesty for all Latino illegal immigrants.


Rep Gutierrez, while standing up for his constituents, doesn’t understand the mood of the nation. In the video below he addresses the fact that a democrat House, Senate and a democrat President couldn’t get an immigration law passed. The commentator tries to point out to Gutierrez that the democrats had the majority for two years and supposedly controlled the narrative and that passing immigration reform should have been a slam dunk. But after Congress passed the health care bill against the express wishes of the American public, they were in no mood to go against the grain once again. He is so blinded by his dedication to his narrow constituency that he fails to understand why many of his fellow Congress-critters are not willing to stand in front of this bus called immigration reform. The vast majority of Americans, time after time, have polled heavily against any form of illegal immigration amnesty policy (See the list here).

Several times during the course of the interview Gutierrez said the Republicans were interfering with getting immigration reform passed. Well, duh! They can read the tea leaves better than the democrats. All politicians have an agenda, no question. But for the democrats, the agenda they have clouds their ability to read the American people. Or, it might be they know what Americans want, but really could care less, as long as their agenda moves forward. How else can you explain Gutierrez clinging to immigration reform so stanchly? Yes, he has a constituency and an agenda to satisfy, but there comes a point where he needs to take a step back and realize that pressing this matter is only going to the majority lined up against him.

I do happen to think that Obama is seriously considering issuing an Executive Order granting some form of amnesty. There is an election coming up and Obama is, if nothing else, a political animal. When animals are cornered they will do anything to save their lives. A political animal will do anything to save their political careers. Obama has already proven that he will do the unpopular if it means shoring up a portion of his base.

But the one thing Obama is not calculating is the pushback that is building. There will come a point when Americans will grow weary of his political maneuvering. The America public spoke loud and clear (not that all politicians are hearing it) in 2010. After Congress passed Obama care, the voter sent several politicians packing, turning the House to a Republican majority and blunting the democrat’s control of the Senate. The only question is whether an EO granting some slice of amnesty will be that pushback point. When you look at the numbers opposed to granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, then this could very well be that point.

When you are making your decisions about the 2012 election, you really should take a step back and re-examine your priorities. Do you really want to have a President that champions everything you stand against just because he looks good without a shirt and is really good at reading a speech off a teleprompter?

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