Sunday, April 24, 2011

Annual Fees Considered for Electric Vehicles

Several states, including my adopted home state of Washington, are seriously considering a tax on electric vehicles. Some are thinking about a fat rate that owners would pay each year, other are looking at a per mile fee.

To me, this is a no brainer. Although pure electric vehicles don’t use gas, they do occupy the road, and should be required to pay some sort of fee, just like those of us who drive gas powered cars. Most should already be aware the gas tax is used to pay for road maintenance and improvements. So could anyone who is opposed to charging some sort of fee tell me why they shouldn’t? You use the same road I do. You put wear and tear on the road the same as I do. So, knowing all this, can you really come with an argument that says you shouldn’t pay?

On the other hand, this fee (or tax if you will) might dissuade some from purchasing the electric vehicles as they viewed as a way to avoid the gas tax. Many of the comments at the article linked above said that very thing. When you look at the price of an electric car, which is north of $40K, adding more expense just might convince you not to get this car. But if you can afford to plunk down $40K+ for what is basically an about-town car, then you can afford the extra $175 dollars a year.

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