Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama Glosses Over Easter Greeting

President Obama has repeated said that he is a Christian but the non-event yesterday really begs the question: How Christian is he?

Once again, Obama has let the many Christians in American down.  In his weekly address he barely even mentioned Easter, which is probably the most important day to many Christians since we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. He has no issues with giving Muslims their due during Ramadan, or giving a shout-out to those who celebrate Kwanzaa.

And he completely boned the Passover message to the Jews by comparing the Israelite’s escape from Egyptian slavery to the current uprisings now going across the Middle East. When most of these Middle Eastern nations experiencing the uprisings have said Israel’s destruction is the ultimate goal, this comparison is nothing short of completely insensitive.  Would someone from the Jewish community PLEASE tell me why the continued support for Obama.

Also see White House Press Secretary Jay Carney answer questions about the lack of Easter greetings to Christians from Obama. Real sensitive guy, that Carney.

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