Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Depoe Day Vacation, Day Two

Vacation, Day Two. The weather was lousy.  Windy and rainy all day. But we did go out and do some stuff. We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium which was very nice.  Here are a couple of images.  Click on the picture for a larger image.

 Older son against a seven foot wing span silhouette. The older boy is over 6'-4"

 Nettle Jellyfish
Groupers, I think. Ugly, I know.

I do recommend a trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium if you are ever in Newport.  It is on the south side of Yaquina Bridge.

We also stopped to get some pizza, which my wife was having a hankering for. If you are looking for good pizza in Newport, Abby’s is the place. It is not the best I have ever had, but it is better than the grind it out places.

Also stopped in at a tattoo place.  The older boy wants to get a couple of tattoos. I am not really supportive of this but he is planning on doing it at some point so we want him to be educated. He did learn a few things such as the proper questions to ask to make sure the place he chooses will do good work and is clean.  Probably the most important thing he learned was to give his decision time.  The young gal at the place we stopped at told him the best thing to do is once he decides on a piece, to give it time because he might see something that he would like to change about the artwork.  She said most of the work she has had done on herself was NOT done quickly, but rather in a deliberate fashion, making minor changes to the design, then making sure that is what she wanted.  I thought that was sound advice.

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