Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now Birthers are Racist According to Race Hustlers

This is one of the reasons why I wished the whole birther movement had dies a long time ago.  The birther issue is tied to the Republican Party despite strong evidence that the originator of the birther movement was actually a democrat who supported Clinton during the primaries. While it is true that many of the birthers have conservative leanings, there are also some who are part of the liberal establishment.

So now that the birth certificate has been released, the race hustlers are rearing their ugly heads trying to explain away the very real concern these people had (have?) as racism. What a load of horse hockey.  Anytime there is a disagreement with the man currently occupying the White House, these dudes come out from the rocks they are living under and start to scream “racist”. I do not deny that some of the people involved with the birther movement might have racial issues with Obama being President. But to categorize the entire conservative sphere as racist due to a very small sample is just not right. Isn’t the black panther party a supporter of democrat and progressive causes? And couldn’t some of their members be considered racist? But does the Republican Party and the conservative movement call all democrats and progressives racist just because of this small minority?

The lack of birth certificate was a real issue. During the 2008 campaign John McCain’s birth location was made an issue. The liberal press, who should have known better, latched onto the issue of where McCain was born. An investigation was done. As it turns out McCain is a US citizen base on the fact that his parents were US citizens.  Supposedly, the only sticking point was that he was born in Panama. All the reporters had to do was ask anyone who has served overseas. Kids born to US citizens stationed overseas are US citizens, without question. The point here is that McCain was practically forced to release his birth certificate even though it was abundantly clear he is a US citizen. If McCain had refused to release his long-form birth certificate, the liberal press would have hounded him to the ends of the earth. Obama was never put to this test, at least not so much that he actually had to answer the tough questions. He never released the long-form birth certificate (until now).  The short form, the copy of the Honolulu paper with the birth announcement, and the sworn statements are all well and good and it was strong enough evidence for nearly all people. But the bottom line here is that I could not get a passport with what was offered up to serve as proof of citizenship. Obama and his crew share the blame for not just closing the book on this two years ago.

I will repeat that I am not a birther although I will have to admit early on there was a glimmer of hope this guy should be allowed to serve as President. It really didn’t take me long to figure out that there really is no way a conspiracy could hold together for this long (detailed in this post). There is no question there are a lot of blanks that need to be filled in on this guy. What are his school credentials? What kind of legal mind was/is he? How strong are his ties to the corruption that is rampant in the Chicago political machine? But in my mind, none of that suggests he isn’t a US citizen. Unqualified to be President, most certainly, but not because of the his citizen status. That glimmer of hope mentioned earlier had nothing to do with his race, it had to do with his progressive politics. We have had liberal Presidents before (Carter, Clinton, Wilson), but never one as liberal as this guy. In fact, I was rather proud of the fact that only 40 years after the civil rights movement we were able to elect a man who is black. The morning it was announced he had won the election I was in Montgomery AL, driving to the airport at 5am on the famous Selma-Montgomery Highway. The election results and the location caused the hair on my arms to stand up.  That lasted about 10 seconds and I came back to earth realizing that the long-time dream of the far left and socialists had finally come true. That too was hair-raising, but not in a good way.

But now that the certificate has been released there are still other questions that must be answered. Namely, what is the definition of “natural born citizen”?  This will now become the focus. When he was born, his father was a British subject, he mother a US citizen. Does this disqualify him from being President? Some are saying it does disqualify him. I think the courts might have to answer that question since the Constitution doesn’t spell it out.

His very sparse education records are also a cause for concern. For those who think I am going down the “his lack of records (and friends) proves he didn’t go to school” rabbit hole I’ll tell you to go pound sand right now. Just like the arrogance he displayed in not releasing his birth certificate, he has kept his school records closed from public viewing. Plus, there is very little written record about his legal mind while at school, despite being the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Remember when Bush was running against Kerry and there was much ado about Bush’s school records? The liberal press was calling Bush dumb at least up to the point when it was shown that Bush had a better school record than Kerry did. Bush wasn’t a stellar student, but the carping from the press sort of forced Bush to release his school records. But we don’t hear the same thing from the press right now about Obama’s school records. I guess it is just assumed that Obama is the smartest man in the room at all times; why ask for the records?

I had really hoped this would all go away, but parties on both the right and the left don’t seem to want to let it go.

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