Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Political Correctness in Seattle

Is PC running amok in Seattle School’s yet again?  The term “Easter Egg” has been barred from Seattle’s Public Schools for fear of upsetting those who might not believe.  But it is OK to force the kids to learn about transgender issues and how evil humans are ruining the planet.

The comments all well worth a read if you have the time. There are several folks who adamantly believe this nation was not founded on Judeo-Christian values.  Obviously these folks have not bothered to actually read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  One commenter went as far as to say Jesus never even existed. Whether you are religious or not, Jesus was a historical fact.  Of course, this is not longer taught in schools so an idiot like that could reasonably believe Jesus didn’t exist.  But I am sure he was taught that Mohamed and Buddha did exist.


  1. I couldn't link to the PC ariticle. But I have read other articles where this is happening elsewhere. It is so pathetic that the minority dictate to the majority what we can do, say, or even write. Our thoughts are are their agenda to stifle as well.

    These pathetic liberals want everyone to cow down to their thought processes that are guided by pure mental illness. They expect everyone to hold to their irrational views, but do not have the capacity to listen to, and intelligently evaluate another's point of view. They yell and scream discrimination when others don't agree with them, but have no tolerance or understanding for opposing viewpoints, shouting down others because they can't articulate their warped rationale. Very terrible-twos oriented.
    God help us all.

  2. Rose, we let the minority dictate to us by our silence and inaction. Seattle and Chicago school districts think they can do these things because they have done them before with nary a peep from the parents. This is the reason why the left and progressive are screaming so loudly is the majority is finally pushing back and taking back. They. Don't. Like. It.