Thursday, April 7, 2011

Depoe Bay Vacation, Day Four

Day Four today. Weather was dicey today. Wind and rain, even a few ice pellets.  Not as bad as over in the valley. Two inches of hail fell in some parts of Portland during rush hour, causing much havoc in the traffic pattern.

Did Mo's today. Got the Chowder Bowl and cheese bread.  Good stuff Maynard!  The wife and my mom picked up their glass creations today.  Interesting art work.  Took the older boy to another tattoo shop. We let him ask the questions this time. He asked the right questions, only needed a little help from his mom. He truly seems interested in doing this.  I am a bit worried that he is going to do something teenager (i.e. stupid) and get it done on the sly.

Seas were a little rough today.  Took a few pictures.  The last couple of images were as the sun was going down, obviously. Click on an picture for a larger image.  Let me know what you think if you have the time.

Looking South

Still Looking South

Nice Sunset

Still A Nice Sunset
Vacation, Day One
Vacation, Day Two
Vacation, Day Three

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