Friday, April 15, 2011

Were the Budget Cuts Worthwhile?

If you have any confusion because of the rhetoric regarding whether the recent spending bill actually cut dollars from the federal budget this link is a worthwhile read. It was written by Quin Hillyer who was the press secretary for the House Appropriations Committee back in the mid 90s.

In the article he explains that yes, there are some smoke and mirrors, but there are some actual cuts to spending that can be measured.

It’s awfully easy to carp from the sidelines.  But it is just not fair, and not honest, to say the claimed savings are illusory or, worse, a deception.  And they certainly don’t represent a sell-out.  Go ahead and withhold the cheers if you want.  I’m not really cheering either. But fergoshsakes, stop the vitriol – and stop claiming that Boehner has acted deceitfully. (Source: The American Spectator)

The best way to learn whether or not these spending cuts are actually on the table is to do a little digging yourself.

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