Monday, April 11, 2011

City Council Bans Protest Signs

The link off of Drudge Report and the headline of the article was a tad misleading, but it did get to the heart of the matter. Coldwater City, MI has banned any type of banner or sign in their parks and other recreation areas. The Tea Party protests were likely the impetus behind the ban as the Coldwater City council decided the Tea Party banners were “too political” and “too controversial”.

The Thomas Moore Law Center has filed suit against this ban, saying “the ban of all signs and banners is too broad.”

It occurs to me that groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazi can have parades and rallies and the Westboro Baptist Church can hold up vile signs at military funerals and have their freedom of speech protected. But the Tea Party, those dudes are way over the line so they need to be banned, but to protect ourselves, we’ll ban everyone. (sarc/off)

Every day, it is a little bit more. The progressives are bleeding the Liberty Tree dry, not by chopping it down, but by tiny little cuts.

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