Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Illegal Aliens Want Representation

This is just wonderful. NOT!  The eastern Washington city of Yakima is being sued by immigration rights activist to get the city to count illegal immigrants as part of the population.

Apparently, Yakima elects their city council “at large”, where specific districts within the city are not represented but rather everyone gets to vote for the seven council members. The lawsuit is trying to get the city to dived into districts to allow for more equal representation.  The troubling aspect of this suit is the suit wants to include illegals in the population count, which would skew the tally in favor of minority heavy districts. 

The suit is not asking to give the illegal aliens the right to vote (that is a bridge too far), only to be counted for district drawing purposes.  This would tilt the balance even further. When the districts are drawn up using illegal aliens, then the actual numbers represented in that district would be smaller, giving them unequal (higher) per vote representation on the council.

The difficulty is that the current politically charged DOJ has already laid the groundwork for this unbalanced representation.

Since last year, the United States Department of Justice has been arguing that illegals in districts throughout the city of Irving, Texas can be counted to determine district lines.  Under the one-man-one-vote principle, the pursuit has resulted in the dilution of actual citizen’s vote -- for by drawing districts using total population rather than the population of citizens, the districts have been drawn unevenly.

In other words, if each district hypothetically were required to have 10,000 people (both illegal aliens and citizens) then a district with only 8,000 citizens would have the same number of council members as a district with 10,000 citizens. (Source: Daily Caller)

Eastern Washington is a conservative area of the state, traditionally electing Republicans for local, state, and national offices.  But now progressive activist are trying to change that by bending the rules to shape things in their favor. Not satisfied with one person, one vote, they want to tilt the field in such a way that it gives them an unequal representation.

2012 cannot come soon enough.

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