Sunday, April 3, 2011

Depoe Bay Vacation, Day One (Update)

Can’t promise that I will blog about the vacation each day, but will try to keep up. I am sharing a single computer with five other folks and my time limited.

Today was the first day of our vacation. My wife, mom, and my sister went looking for glass floats. I have included an image of the float she found.

Later, we took the boys to Forgerty Beach for a little strolling. It is a very small beach, surrounded by cliffs and a small stream that comes out of the local hills. In years past, the boys have tried to dam up the creek with sand and driftwood. Never terribly successful, but they have a blast. With the recent rains the creek was too high to make an attempt this time around.  And the tide was too high to search for agates.  I don't always find keepers, but it relaxes me, and it is good exercise.

Next came the Outlet Mall. As almost always happens I was disappointed. I am old enough to remember when Outlet Malls really meant something. You could always count on getting awesome deals for factory seconds. Now you almost never see that anymore.
Click her for understanding. My wife has searched for these floats for nearly twice a year for five years, coming up empty each time. Well, this time she found a very nice one. Red with white and black stripes. I hope to post a picture in the next day or so.

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