Thursday, April 21, 2011

High Gas Prices Has Obama Attention (Update)

Energy costs “would necessarily skyrocket” said a one-time candidate and now President. In the two very long years that Obama has been President, one thing is certainly true, energy prices have skyrocketed. Since he became President, the cost of gasoline has doubled at the pumps. This increase in gas prices is costing him some political capital as his overall approval rate continues a downward direction. Anyone remember this little bit? I wonder if Ms Joseph still thinks Obama is going to take care of her, especially since the doubling of gas prices since he was elected.

Well, it seems that Obama is finally a little worried the cost of gas is going to have an impact on his continued residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  He has formed an “Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group” who will look into the any possible price gouging.  This group will be under the banner of the Justice Department and Eric Holder.

So when is Obama going to form the Computer and Software Fraud Working Group”?  Apple Computers makes nearly 40% on every IPhone and computer is sells. Microsoft’s Bill Gates isn’t billionaire because he sold his software at cost. The oil companies make about 8% profit on every gallon of gas they sell.  Some of the independent gas stations make even less.

See this link about how gas prices are having an impact ont he spring and summer travel seasons.


  1. What a joke the sitting president is? Liar.....and how do all those people that voted for him, dead or alive, like his hope and change and yes we can? I could throw up....

  2. Sandy (and others), that is a quesiton that has been running through my mind for some time now. How are those people who voted for Obama feeling right now? We are catching a glimpse of the far left, and they are not happy with him. That Obama was unable to pass cap and trade and other economic crushing bills has the far left's knickers in a knot. Those that were middle of the road(so-called independents) must be feeling the heat from the choice they made. We are NOT better off than 2+ years ago. Unemployment is stubbornly still above 9% and with these increasing gas prices, will probably climb again as employers back off hiring to cover increasing expenses due to higher transportation costs. I know that the tourist industry is already seeing an impact as folks are cancelling spring break trips and looking to stay home this summer. We won't be traveling any further than my folks' place just down the road (Takes about a tank to get back and forth)

    All we can hope for is that the GOP gets it act together and puts up a candidate that has enough to beat Obama in 2012. BTW: In the new age of civility can I say "beat Obama" without drawing the ire of word police?

  3. I read somewhere on one of the websites I go to that the unemployment % is more like 19 or 20%....We own a small repair business and we have to travel to fix the fiberglass we repair. It is costing more and more and more....And this government only gives permits to drill for oil in our water to foreign countries to get rich off our oil.....Hmm...something really gone wrong here. And it is all a plan by the way higher ups to destroy our great FREE country so we can look like the countries that look like the dark ages...