Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pigford, A Study in Corruption

I haven’t blogged much about the Pigford Case, the reparations to be made to black farmers who were discriminated against, because so many others like Lee Stranahan over at Big Government and Patterico have done a great job covering it. In a nutshell, a few years back several black farmers filed suit against the US government because of past discrimination in getting loans to keep their farms operating. Some of the folks that leapt onto the bandwagon have corrupted the process so much that it is now to the point where all a person has to do to get part of the money is claim they “attempted to farm”.

Today Mr. Stranahan has put up a good post that kind of sums up the whole corrupt process that has been a driver behind the Pigford Case (click through the several links provided). In the post there is an interview with one of the original plaintiffs basically stating that the process has become corrupt and backs those who say the process needs to be re-examined as to who truly deserves the money coming from the suit. In previous posts, Stranahan has tried to shine light on the corruption.  Liberals are pushing back, of course.

If there indeed was racial discrimination against the black farmer, and it appears the case is very solid (not a lawyer), then the US government not only owes these farmers the money, they also owe them a huge apology. But in no way should this be a fund to give money to people who are claiming they have “attempted to farm”.

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