Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Socialist and Muslim Brotherhood Working Together

Concern should be increasing over actions in the Middle East and not just because totalitarian regimes are killing protesters. It has been pointed out before that the so-called “Arab Spring” might not be all wine and roses.  In what might fall under the category of strange bedfellows, the progressive far left and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) might very well be in cahoots together in the protests that have swept the Middle East this year.

In this video over at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, ties between the MB and socialist groups are starting to crystallize. The leftist press support of these movements really came as no surprise to many on the right. The progressive have never really met a protest they didn’t like.  Well, except for that lousy American Revolution 235+ years ago which brought about individual liberty and which the left has been trying to bring down ever since. But I do sometimes find it odd that the left would support these MB dudes. With the stoning of gays common place and women having to wear veils to hide their faces and the routine persecution of Christians what’s not there for a progressive to love. I wonder if progressive leaders have ever really sat down and thought what these MB people would do to them once the Caliphate gets established. I guess in the progressive mind it is all a means to an end. I just don’t really think they realize that it will be the end of them once the MB has control. Their high and mighty naivety is really going to come back and bite them in the backside.

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