Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Taxpayer Money for Electric Vehicles

This is just not going to wash for me. When there is talk about cutting the pay of military members as part of getting spending under control and cutting the deficit.  The alternative energy expansion is already receiving government subsidies in the form of tax breaks and direct stimulus money. There is now another movement on Capitol Hill to give additional taxpayer money to companies and individuals to develop electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and purchase EVs.

The legislation seeks to solve two of the biggest problems that plague electric vehicle technology: infrastructure and cost to the consumer.

First, the bill sets up a competitive grant program that would be run by the Department of Energy. Ten regions around the country would be selected for funding to develop “deployment communities.” The communities would then use their DOE grant to build the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles.

To incentivize consumers, a minimum of a $2,000 tax credit will be offered. Moreover, an already existing credit for charging infrastructure would be extended, as well as loan support manufacturers of electric vehicles and the use of advanced batteries in stationary locations. (Source: Daily Caller)

I realize that we need to start looking at ways to gain our energy independence and part of that is the development of alternative energy production and usage. But as I mentioned in a previous post on the cutting of military pay, there will be some push back from military members if cutting their pay is going to be used to fund these progressive agenda items.

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