Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blizzard of 2011, Round II (A Letter to OwlGore)

Dear OwlGore,
  Hello from the Midwest! (actually, I'm not from the Midwest) How are you doing these days? Are you staying nice and warm in your massive Cadillac SUV, your 20 room mansion that uses more energy to heat then many small towns, or one your private fuel-sucking jet as you fly to far-flung locations around the world? It is a little chilly where a lot of us are from. See the maps that I have attached to this letter.

Minimum Temperatures

Wind Chills

As we dig out from another round of the white stuff that you and your friends call a sure sign of global warming, we truly hope that you are safe and warm. My friends that live in Oklahoma are tired of global warming as they dig out from another 12-16 inches of the sure sign the world is warming due to man-made causes. Right about now, I think many of us wish you we right. We wish those sea levels had risen, but that have not. Right now we wish the Midwest was not going to see as much snow as in the past, as we shovel off the sidewalks and driveways. I’m sure the folks down along the gulf coast wish those predictions of more frequent and more powerful hurricanes had come true, but it hasn’t happened.

It sure would be nice if you came and paid us a visit to see how global warming has impacted us. But no, you off in Cannes watching movies and being worshiped by Hollywood elite. Or you are off to some other exotic location were the sun shines all the time to work on that tan and get a massage.

Well, gotta go, there is more global warming that I have to shovel. Kind of like the stuff you have been shoveling at us for the past 10 years, only not as dark and not as stinky.

Global Warming Denier

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