Monday, February 21, 2011

Using Leftist Tactics?

While there have been times where I feel like doing the same thing, I don’t think this is a good idea.  Conservatives are better than this.  I think the person who original posted this either had second thoughts or enough people told him to back off because his original post has been taken down.

It is very frustrating that the left continues to control to dialogue based on their in-your-face tactics.  For Conservative to repeat these actions would backfire on us for certain.  The press, which as we all know has a decidedly leftist bent, would side with the left on any issues.  Do some of you remember the leftist trolls who infiltrated a few Tea Party events as the movement was starting to gain traction? Barely a peep from the MSM. What do you think would happen if a conservative tried to do the same thing at a progressive event? If you answered the MSM would go nuts, the NY Times would make the story Page 2, Paul Krugman would be beside himself condemning the right for these actions, and the Huffington Post would do up a whole story about how these tactics have been used by the right since Teddy Roosevelt.

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