Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CBS Reporter Assaulted (Update)

See Update below.

CBS reporter Lara Logan was in Cairo covering the anti-Mubarak demonstrations and was attacked by a gang of 200 Muslim men and repeatedly sexually assaulted. (here, here)  Her rescue was initiated by a group of Muslim women who told the Egyptian army Logan needed to be saved.

Just more proof that Islam is a religion of peace and serenity. I know I shouldn’t group all of them in one sweeping statement, but why was it that the women had to go get the army to rescue this poor woman?  Why didn’t some of the 200 that surrounded her think this was a bad idea?  Will any of her attackers be brought to justice? Makes me sick. I pray for her full recovery and hope that she can eventually move on with her life.

UPDATE: Go here for a series of updates on the assault on Lara Logan while covering events in Egypt. If it turns out it wasn’t as bad a initially reported, I will update completely.  BTW: Nir Rosen seems to be NOT a nice guy.  Go find out what he said, and what has happened to him since the moment he caught foot in mouth disease.

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