Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Teacher's Union Fumbles

Megan Kelly over at Fox News takes Wisconsin Teacher’s Union President Mike Langyel to task. Kelly spent the first half of the interview trying to get this guy to either repudiate or support the fake doctor’s notes.  Instead, he kept “referring” to his talking points.

Kelly tried five times to get him to answer the question and each time was the usual talking point answer.  Several times she grows quite frustrated visibly frustrated with him.

Interestingly, when asked if supported the democrat Senators absence from Madison, he answered directly.

Several times during the interview he referred to how the union protects the children and shapes better education for the kids.  The problem they have is that the perception that unions are money-grubbing institutions with only their self-preservation and interests in mind. Based on past actions during collective bargaining sessions I do believe this perception is well founded. When a union member does not pay into his or her retirement account, while a very large percentage are expected to contribute, people get a little irritated about this. Most folks have to pay a significantly larger contribution to their health care programs.  And when teachers unions go on strike or get fake doctor’s note to be out of class, many wonder if they really have the children in mind.

The one question that I would like to see an interviewer ask one of these public union big wigs is “Why don’t you and your members feel they have to share in the pain of the current economic downturn?”

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