Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Resigns (Who Comes Next?)

Mubarak has resigned as most of you probably already know. I haven’t blogged about this much due to the ever changing conditions in Egypt. Now that one major decision has been made, what happens next? VP Suleiman does take over, most likely backed by the respected military. But happens after that? Do we have an 1979 Iran on our hands and a mid ’00 Palistine with Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood)? Or do we have a Turkey from last century?

In 1979 a hated autocratic ruler was forced out, to be replaced by a democratic system that soon collapsed and allowed the Ayatollah to move in. Iran has been a hard line Theocracy ever since, exporting terrorism for 3+ decades. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is the most and best organized group and this organization could be the difference maker. The MB even has some tacit approval from the Obama Administration, which is just a completely bad idea.  The MB dudes are bad news, and they have been quite clear on their intentions for both Israel and long range goals.

I'll provide more later.

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