Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Links (Washington State Local)

Here are a few links from my local area (Washington State)

This is probably the biggest news in the area. Several months ago a Seattle PD officer shot and killed a man he thought presented a threat. The case has been a hot-button issue for several months. Yesterday, it was announced the Prosecutor was not going to file criminal charges against Birk.  On the other hand;

…, Seattle Police Chief John Diaz announced during a news conference that the department’s Firearms Review Board has found the shooting was not justified.  He said Williams (the victim, PACNW Righty adds) did not pose a serious threat of harm and use of a firearm was not justified, according to the board’s finding


The board’s conclusion allows the Police Department to begin internal proceedings that could lead to Birk’s firing or other discipline. The board recommended moving forward with the proceedings as quickly as possible.

If I were in Birk’s shoes I might decide to resign also. I won’t want to be a sacrificial lamb at the alter of community relations, if the shooting was justified.  The shooting cause lots of problems in the area, especially in the minority community (Williams was black).

Due to tight budgets, the Washington Legislature is considering ending the Presidential primary and going with a caucus only. Governor Gregoire says this will save the sate $10M over the two year budget.

In another police shooting case, this time up I-5 in Everett, the city “has settled a lawsuit with the family of a man who shot and killed by a police officer in 2009.”  Last April a jury cleared the police officer of all charges.

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