Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Post on Gun Rights (and Use)

Whether you are a gun owner believing in your rights as bestowed by the Bill of Rights, or you are against gun ownership of any kind, you need to read this series of posts over at Confederate Yankee. The author is a gun rights kind of guy but lays out his points in a well thought-out manner that even gun-control advocates would probably say, “he makes some good points” If you are a gun-control advocate and don’t want your mind changed, then don’t bother to click on the links below.

Personally, I am not a gun owner myself, but that is NOT because I am opposed to gun ownership or the right to carry a gun. It is just a choice that I have made for the moment. I have given considerable thought to changing this fact; I only have to select the gun I’d like to carry. I am trained since I spent 27 years in the military, having fired a Beretta M9 more times than I can count, so that won’t be an issue.

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