Friday, March 4, 2011

$200 for Oil is a Recipe for Disaster

Over at Big Peace Peter Schweizer writes about the possibility of $200 a barrel for oil due to the unrest in the Middle East. This is down right scary when you think about it.  Three years ago, oil hit $145 dollars and some might consider it was part of the economic downturn that we are still facing today.  Could you imagine what would happen if oil hits $200?  We would dream of the good old days of 10% unemployment.

I have no doubt that Obama and his group of environmental wackos are dancing with joy over the prospects of $200 for oil. This would achieve two things for the "dear leader". First, it would cause the cost of energy to necessarily skyrocket, which has been one of his goals all along. Obama is one of the most liberal, left wing Presidents we have ever had (hopefully the last one of this kind), with ties to every radical environmental group out there. The goal of many of these environ-wacko groups is for us to be forced into alternative energy solutions.  $200 a barrel would be that wind that forces us in that direction.

But would these alternate energy sources really be cheaper? If oil goes to $200 the cost of manufacturing nearly every component and transporting the product to the building site would certainly go higher.  And how long would it take to get these alternative sources of energy in place? Two years, 10 years, 15 years? In the meantime, what happens to those of us not insulated in Washington DC during this period of transition?  Lastly, would the environ-idiots get out of their own way and not fight every solar field and wind farm planned like they are doing now?

Second, it would shake the American economy to its very core, most likely ending capitalism as we know it, and this has also been a goal. When one finds capitalism evil and calls business leaders "the enemy", the end of our way of life is on the agenda. The cost of every good and service that we use on a daily basis would react in a negative way as the cost of transportation would go through the roof. Folks who are limited and fixed incomes would be devastated. Layoffs would be plentiful as businesses scaled back either to reduce expenses or due to utter lack of demand for their products. Industries like tourism would practically cease to exist. What remains of the manufacturing sector of our society would end completely. Employees would demand higher wages in response to run away inflation, and businesses would escape to overseas locations where wages would be cheaper.

On a side note, a couple years ago I exchanged e-mails with an editor of one of the on-line news services. While he did NOT support Obama, he was actually hoping for an Obama victory. He felt strongly that an Obama victory would expose Americans to the progressive agenda and it would cause a resurgence of conservatism. I thought he had some very valid points and as it turns out he was correct. However, I expressed to him that four years was a long time and the amount of destruction he could cause in that four years was of grave concern to me. I was afraid that the damage he would do (and is doing) would be something that we could not recover from.

The cost of oil cannot be tied directly to Obama, but his bumbling foreign policy and appeasement towards the radical element of the muslim faith could be considered a catalyst for events now occurring in the Middle East. Couple that with his administrations unconcealed hostility towards the oil industry in the USA, and we have a recipe for disaster that he and his group having been hoping for.

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