Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NPR Cannot Turn Off Stupid

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about James O’Keefe and his video with the outgoing fund raising executive for NPR. Some good stuff was said. But for a slightly different perspective on the event, take a look at this article over at Slate.  Slate is not known for being friendly towards conservatives, and the story is slightly bent in a progressive way, but by and large, the story does do a fairly good job of covering some of the surface highlights. I won’t rehash the quotes, but I would like to point out that those in the MSM that are reporting on this are leaving out one point he about the Jews and their ownership of newspapers. I have asked this before (here and here), but could someone please tell me why Jews support the democrat party in such large numbers.

I just thought my readers might like to see what the “other side” is saying about this. Apparently O’Keefe and his group, who said they had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, was trying to give $5M to NPR, who through a spokesperson, has said they turned the money down repeatedly. It is a little curious why, if they turned down the money, why was Schiller taking them to lunch.

During the course of the taping, Schilling didn’t let anyone off the hook. In his elitist mind, conservatives, tea party members, and Jews are groups that need to be brought down.  He even went after Juan Williams, the NPT journalist who was fired last year for mentioning that he is worried when he sees people in Muslim garb when he boards an airplane.

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