Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Left's Plans Continue to be Exposed (Long Post)

The one thing that is not scary about what the left has planned for us is that we now have the ability to see it and do something about it before they can put their processes in motion or at the very least intercept them before conclusion.

Most recently Steve Learner was giving a speech at a symposium hosted at Pace College and he talked about what can be done to destabilize the banking system in particular and the free market economy in general. (Transcript here, thanks Legal Insurrection)

“…and for example, 10% of homeowners, going back to the where you started, who are under, a quarter of all people who own a home are under water. Right? Their home is under water, they are paying more for it than it’s worth.  Ten percent of those people are now in strategic default, meaning they’re refusing to pay but they’re staying in their homes.  That is totally spontaneous.  Right? They figure out it takes a year to kick me out of my home because the mort, the foreclosure’s backed up. I’m going to say I won’t pay. It’s just what business does, it’s a good business decision. If you could double that number, you would make banks, put the banks on the edge of insolvency again.”

“And so the question would be, what would happen if we organized homeowners in mass to do a mortgage strike. Just say if we get, and , and, if we get half a million people to agree, we’ll all not, we’ll agree we won’t pay our mortgages, it would literally cause a new financial crisis.”

To call this troubling would be an understatement. He has a right to say what he wants under the First Amendment, but if the event he is suggesting actually happens, he could be held responsible. This is a call to purposely undermine our economic system, creating a crisis while we are still under a very dark cloud of the most recent recession. Home values are still in a decline in most areas, and many areas will not recover for decades. People have their lives tied up in their homes as a tool to fund their future, whether it be for college for the kids or retirement. This guy is talking about taking a bad situation and making it worse.

As a refresher, the left needs instability to make all their plans come together. They are on record more times than I can account for here (do your research) as desiring the collapse the American (and western) way of life. The way for them to do this is to collapse our economy, creating a crisis situation they can step into the void to make the changes they desire. The left wants to do away with the upwardly mobile middle class as we know it and they want us to give up most of our rights in the name of social justice. Social justice is not equal justice. Under equal justice, justice is blind (I know, it is not always perfect). But under social justice, decisions would be made based on feelings and emotions rather than an interpretation of the law.

In their utopian world everyone would be forced to be equal, regardless of input:
The same car; most likely an electric car with about a 40 mile range. They wouldn’t want us to be able to escape.
The same number of kids; several far-left individual have stated that families in America are too big. John Holdren, President Obama’s science czar, is on record stated he would like to see forced sterilization through drinking water. He is also in favor of forcing women to either have an abortion or have long-term birth control.
The same size living quarters. In the left’s utopian dreams, we would all live in high-rise apartments near downtown.
The same pay regardless of performance. While equal pay is a wonderful idea, not everyone performs at the same level. As a former leader in the military (now retired) I had people I knew I could depend on to get the job done, and other who would fall in the “not so much category”, but they received the same pay.
There are several other socialistic and communistic tenets they also believe in such as collective farming.

And just like any other attempt at a utopian society (USSR, Greece, Cuba) there are the elite. Those self-appointed people who think they are smarter than everyone else and that they need to lead us to the land of milk and honey. Those have been big successes, haven't they?

Getting back to my original point, Learner and other like him feel that to get to the point where they can finally put the all pieces together to reach Utopia, first needs to come instability. By forcing instability, if they can cause enough chaos, the folks on the left are ready to fill in the void. They feel the people would clamor for whatever plans they have just to make the chaos stop.

There is a vulnerability here for them to take advantage of. We have become a society of takers and wanters. Think about this for minute. Less than two generations ago there was a clearly defined set of wants and needs. Needs were your basics for survival. Shelter, food, and security.  Wants were the ncie things to have like a nice house, perhaps a car, a vacation, a television, and other items once considered luxuries, items that gave us comfort beyond basic survival. We had to save up to get them, and sometimes we just did without. Now-a-days the wants have bleed so heavily into the needs column that it almost seems that the wants have disappeared. Computers and cells phones haven’t been considered a luxury item for 15 years, and most people think they couldn’t survive without a cell phone. TVs are another want that has become a need and it is not just needing one TV, but must need three. Can’t miss the game or who is going to get voted off the island after all.

We have become so attached to our toys and our comfort; it would be easy for the left to step in during a moment of crisis. Heck, we elected a community organizer for goodness sake with six months of private business experience during one of the worst economic downturns in a very long time because he promised hope and change. If these plans came to fruition, the chaos would be tremendous and we would be crying for someone, anyone, to help us so we can go back to our toys, and our comforts.

The left would give us back our toys and our comforts, but it would come at a price. Freedom and individual liberty would be struck down. Oh, it wouldn’t be in a jack-booted way. But it would be there. If you wanted to buy that Ford F-150 you had your eye on, forget it. It would either be removed from Ford’s sales lineup or you would have to prove to some board somewhere that you needed it for your job. No big deal. Right? Hey, were saving oil by not offering the ‘gas-guzzling’ pickup anymore, and it is for your own good and the good of everyone because oil reserves will last longer.

Or maybe the permits to build that dream house on those five acres you bought 10 years ago would be hard or impossible to come by. It has happened already in Washington State. I know several people who purchased 10 acres rated as R-5 (one house per five acres) who planned to sell half to fund the building of the new house. A moratorium has been in effect for the past several years that doesn’t allow subdivision of property, unless you can make a huge political contribution for an exception to the moratorium. But it is for your own good and the good of everyone else because now we can all see the beautiful scenery.

Or maybe if you took out a student loan, which is now fully controlled by the government, you would be forced to either join the military or some sort of two year commitment to the Peace Corps or other quasi-government agency before beginning your career. But hey, it is for your own good because you get the loan and job training and it is for the good of everyone else because you are doing to work no one else wants to do.

Fifteen years ago Learner plan would most likely have succeeded. JP Morgan and the other banks would not been prepared and probably would not have withstood the onslaught. Does anyone here really think this audio tape would have been broadcasted on any of the ‘big three’ networks? It might have made it to CNN, but it would have been dismissed by the commentators as conspiracy thinking.  But with the advent of the internet and right-blogosphere, we are informed and the word gets out before too much damage can be done, although not without a huge fight from the main-stream media.

Keep yourself informed. Contact your local, state, and federal representation, and don’t put any oil on that squeaky wheel.

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