Monday, March 7, 2011

Dipping into Taxpayer Pockets Once Again

Seattle mass transit is in trouble yet again and they are expecting the taxpayer to pick up the slack. The Washington State Legislature has passed a bill authorizing the Seattle City Councilto approve a two-year, $20 annual vehicle surcharge to be used to help Metro maintain service hours.

Sen. Scott White, D-Seattle, said the amended measure had support from a variety of citizens that included major businesses because continued transit service is “important for their workers and their success” in software and aerospace industries.

Not only are the tax payers having to pick up the tab to subsidize ridership, King County residents will also be subsidizing two of the most solvent businesses in the area, Boeing and Microsoft.  I’d be willing to bet that if either or both of these companies were forced to develop their own transit system (i.e. shuttle buses) they would be able to do it cheaper than the city. Two runs before and after each shift, maybe one or two in the hours between would probably do it. Then the city can get out of running those buses and focus more money on other money losing routes.

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