Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rep Green is Weird

I have been following the debate about rep King’s hearings on home-grown jihadists but have not really covered it much on this blog. I am in a bit of a quandary about it. There is a tad bit of McCarthyism about the hearings, but is that really such a bad thing? Over the years the McCarthy hearings have kind of gotten a bad rap for singling out individuals with ties to communism. By most yardsticks the hearings were successful in rooting out some communists in highly placed government positions. But as time, the media, and a progressive agenda have the ability to do, the facts are messaged and omitted to come up with the narrative that the McCarthy hearings were all bad. But I do understand the misgivings that some folks are having; fearful this will turn into some sort of search truth that gets bastardized by political shenanigans and posturing.

Now we have the hearings on home grown jihadists that Rep King is holding. Everything that I have read about the hearings is that this is a fact-finding mission, trying to get down to the root of why we are seeing an increase in jihadist activities from people who live here in the USA.  Again the media and progressives have their knickers in a knot over this and having been shouting from the roof tops that this is a witch hunt and we are trying to rid ourselves of the Muslim hoard.

Rep King has been fairly good about getting his message out that he is not interested in conducting a McCarthy-type hearings so the hubbub that the progressives and media started has kind of fizzled out, especially as more information has come forth with the opening of the hearings. So the progressives move to a different tactic.  Rep Al Green (D-TX) thinks we should call the KKK a terrorist organization and should be included as part of the hearings being conducted by Rep King.

Author of the linked article, Kerry Pickett, tried to interview Rep Green. During the course of the interview, Rep Green said to the reporter nine times “I hope you are not going to defend the KKK”, or statements very similar. The reported tried to point out that there have been 126 terrorist indictments over the past few years and all have been muslim. He also tried to point out to Green that the KKK has not been involved with any sort of terrorist incidents in recent years. There is audio of the interview. I was PO’d by the time I was done listening because this knucklehead Green didn’t care to listen to the reported, he only wanted to get his highly charged talking points across. He was quite rude.

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