Monday, March 21, 2011

MSNBC Still has Their Crazy Guy

If any of you thought that firing Keith Olbermann would improve MSNBC, you’d be wrong.  Larry O’Donnell went on a rant about a discussion about the Book of Revelations Glenn Beck had the other night.  The following quote is at The Blaze:

“The Book of Revelation is a work of fiction describing how a truly vicious God would bring about the end of the world.  No-half smart religious person actually believes the book of Revelation.  They are certain that the God would never turn into a malicious torturer and mass murderer beyond Hitler’s wildest dream.  Glenn Beck, of course, does believe the book of Revelation.”

I think O’Donnell is trying to fill the vacuum left by Olbermann’s departure. Not that the vacuum is very large by previous and current ratings.

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