Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Chevy Volt is Cold (Correction)

Moe Lane over at Red State has a bit more information on the issues with the Chevy Volt. I did NOT know the car doesn’t come with a standard heater.

Correction: the Volt does come with a heater, it just doesn't work with a darn. According to a write-up done by Consumer Reports, the heating system wouldn't keep their testers warm when the weather was too cold.  The seat heating system wasn't enough. It also reduced the distance the charge could take you.  Consumer Reports recommends the Volt as a second or third vehicle and if you live in a temperate climate.

One more thing. The Volt is really popular with green crowd, obviously. The green crowd also tends to be on the progressive side of the aisle. And the progressive crowd is real big into redistribution of wealth. The cost of this car is require a redistribution. At $43K (before $5K dealer markup), most folks cannot afford this as a first car, much less as a second or third car.

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