Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jewish 3-month Old Murdered in West Bank

I heard about this earlier today and I just find myself disgusted.  Of course it took a right leaning web site (actually several of them) to bring this to light.  CBS News did cover it, giving the murders one line in a story about how the Jews are continuing to build, and the settlers are hard-liners only respecting “God’s Law”.

The fact that Palestinians celebrated the cold-blooded murder of a family of five, including a 3-month old baby, says an awful lot about the type of people the Palestinians are, which is sometime a little less than human.

As long as the Palestinians have the world press in their pocket and won’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, these kinds of things will continue to happen. If the press and the world would strongly condemn these kinds of actions as strongly as they do when Israel does something they don’t like, then Hamas would have it stopped.

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