Monday, March 7, 2011

Oregon Democrat Machine in Full Smear Mode

In the last election cycle Art Robinson, a Republican, ran against Chris Defazio in Oregon’s Fourth District. Even though the final tally wasn’t very close Robinson has decided to run again in 2012.  It looks like the Oregon democrat machine is not very happy about this and has launched a smear campaign, going after Robinson’s children, who are students at Oregon State University. He has written about his experience over at World Net Daily.  Based on what he has written, it really does appear that OSU and the democratic party in Oregon have gone after this guy and his family.

One more thing you should know about Dr Robinson; He has directed the Petition Project which opposes, based on scientific grounds published in peer reviewed journals, the “human-caused global warming” hypothesis. Since it is obvious that he does not sip from the same “Obama kool-ade” cup, he is a target for the more media connected democrat machine.

Also of note is that the Oregonian has not yet begun to cover this story. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it as the Oregonian has indorsed democrat candidates since time began (OK, I have over stated this a bit, but I really don’t remember them endorsing Republicans except Hatfield and McCall, who had their hey-days in the 1970’s).

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