Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being Prepared

I know that several of my readers know about Patrice and her blog Rural Revolution since she has sent some traffic my way a couple of times (Thanks Patrice!!!!). But for those who have not visited her web site, I suggest you do so today.  A quick background: She and her family are what could be called preppers, folks who have simplified their lives and prepare for TEOTWAWKI. Some might call them weird, but I don’t.  Throughout the years that I have read her blog, she has laid out a very good case about being prepared. She is not one to go running through the village shouting “The end is near”, but has laid out points that have convinced me that being prepared isn’t weird, but a smart thing to do.

Today she has written a long post about what one should do be to be prepared.  She references heavily from an article posted on Survival Blog. Both her post and the one at Survival Blog are very interesting reads and a good primer if you are considering moving you and your family towards a more simple life.

One of the more interesting tidbits in her article is where she touches on those who have thought about prepping but just haven’t moved to the committed stage. Some will want to have you committed if you do move to this stage, but don’t let that deter you.  I think you can place me in the thought about it category. I have thought about it A LOT. While making the move to a farm is probably not in my future, I can still ready my family for if and when the time comes. Food storage and actually being ready in your mind are keys in my opinion. I do live in a housing development, but it is rural, and would most likely be one of the last spots to be re-civilized if the human defecation should hit the rotating oscillator. So thoughts and plans are underway, just not much in the way of actual prepping.

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