Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huge Nugget Found

Absolutely amazing.  At $1,300 an ounce, this is winning the lottery.  This will make a lot of bling.


  1. Hey there, neighbor!
    I'm another PNW Righty and the view from your blog is remarkably familiar! lol
    We're in the Sequim area, and have a great hideout up in the hills.
    I found you through Rural Revolution and thought I'd say howdy.
    So howdy, and it's always good to connect with someone who's helping reclaim this region from the lefties.
    Nice site!

  2. Reclaiming this area is going to be a long unhill struggle. As a Blogger, I'm not sure I want it to change too much, it would take away a source of amusement and fodder for my posts. But I will say the folks around here are mush better than the liberals from othe parts of the country like Cali and the east coast