Thursday, March 31, 2011

More on the Volt and EVs

Here are a couple of quick updates on the Chevy Volt and electric vehicles

1. Check this out.  The Chevy Volt failed to start at a recent car show.  There are a couple of other tidbits in the story that are worth a click.

2. I have been in contact with my local representative regarding the West Coast Green Highway Project.  I also asked him if there are any plans to figure out a way to collect taxes on electric vehicles. He told that he has received e-mails from constituents who have said that if he votes to tax electric vehicles, they will NOT vote for him. Going out on a limb, I would guess that purchasers of the Volt are not GOPers. And of course, when it comes to taxes, it is OK, according to progressives, to tax the rich and everyone else, but not to tax them.  What pail full of garbage. They are already getting a $7,500 tax credit to purchase the stupid car, now they don’t want to pay a tax the repairs and builds the road their little “green” car operates on.

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