Sunday, March 20, 2011

Protesting Phil Knight’s Taj-Mahal

Some University of Oregon students have their knickers in a knot over a building on the campus that is used for student-athletes. The John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes was built using private funds for the specific purpose of having a place where student-athletes could come and study. It is quite an opulent structure, with classrooms on the first floor (open to all), and tutoring rooms and computer labs, and office space on the second and third floors. These floors are the center of this budding controversy.

I am not a real huge fan of separating the folks who play scholarship sports from the rest of the student body, but I am a fan of someone spending their money how they see fit. The building is Phil Knight’s baby; he funded it.  Other than the land it was built on, UO didn’t drop a penny into the building. Knight has offset this donation with others directed at the general population and the campus at large. If Knight wants to build an athletes-only facility, so be it.

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that the students who are planning occupying the so-called restricted area probably voted for Obama, or would have if they could have voted. The mentality of people like this never ceases to amaze me. They just can’t understand why they can’t have everything they want. It’s this gimme something for nothing attitude that is causing the problems we now find ourselves.

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