Friday, March 25, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Makes It's Move in Egypt (Updated)

During the protest in Egypt, there was some minor concern, dismissed by the administration, that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) might be playing a role. Some even mentioned concerns about MB’s role in Egyptian politics after the likely fall of Mubarak.  These concerns were also dismissed by the MSM and the administration as being afraid of the boogy-man.

Well, it seems that our concerns might have been with merit.  Due to 30+ years of oppression coming from the Egyptian government, there was no political party structure. Why organize a political party when the elections are rigged? However, the MB does have a structure in which they have been able to slowly move into the vacuum created by the fall of Mubarak and his government.

Over at the NYT they are professing surprise that the MB is gaining momentum and the taking the upper hand from the secular movement. (Link may require registration in the future as the Times starts to charge for its on-line edition)

When the new prime minister, Essam Sharaf, addressed the crowd in Tahrir Square this month, Mohamed el-Beltagi, a prominent Brotherhood member, stood at his side. A Brotherhood member was also appointed to the committee that drafted amendments to the Constitution.

Not quite sure how the Times and other MSM outlets could have missed this. There are only two political structures in Egypt, Mubarak’s old party and the MB. The secular movement for freedom might have gotten the whole thing started, but they were, at best, a loose coalition of many different people looking for freedom. They was no organization backing them until the MB stepped into the breech.

There is significant danger Egypt could go the way of Iran. This could be a bad thing for Israel. With first Sadat then Mubarak in charge of Egypt Israel had protection from the largest, most dangerous Army in the Middle East. If the MB takes charge, this will disappear.

UPDATE: Over at Red State they have a little more information on how the MB is starting to take over and how the Army is moving along with them. One disgusting note; during the protest, Egyptian Army personnel subjected women to what was called a "virginity test".  If the women failed the test the women were "beaten and given electric shock."

By any means necessary. How much longer will some of the big supporters of the democrat party put up with their bull-hockey? I have outlined several times how the democrats treat the Jews, especially Israel and my lack of understanding why Jews continue to support them. Now I begin to wonder why women would support the democrats. It was Obama and the MSM who cheered on the Egyptian protesters by insisting the Mubarak step down and depart. Now we are beginning to find out that the MB is moving in. The MB is a fundamentalist Islamic group that treats women as less than second class citizen. You would think that the leadership of NOW would be yelling at the Obama administration for supporting and outfit that routinely degrades women. But as I said in the opening line of the paragraph; by any means necessary.

The leaders of NOW don't seem to be really concerned with women’s rights and equality.  How does one explain why Sarah Palin was subjected to constant ridicule and down right lies? It was only recently NOW finally stepped up and said something (although it was back-handed) despite that near constant din from the left about what a terrible person Palin was. They are only interested in advancing their own agenda.  Why hasn't NOW been telling Obama to start showing support for women all over the world? NOW was nowhere to be found when that young woman was gunned down in Iran during the protest a couple of years back.

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