Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A $50.00 Light Bulb

In little bits and moves forward, the Obama administration is getting their wish that energy prices will necessarily have to skyrocket. The incandescent light bulb will be illegal to sell after Jan 2012. So far, the replacement bulb, the fluorescent, has not quite lived up to expectations. It doesn’t produce enough light with 60 watts being the limit and is a personal and environmental hazard (contains mercury vapor). And to top it off, it is considerable more expensive than the incandescent bulb. Yes, it does last longer, but when you are on a limited budget buying a $6.00 bulb is a big expense over a package of four at $1.99.

On the horizon in the LED bulb. These are bright, equaling the 100 watt incandescent easily.  But there is a HUGE drawback. The bulbs run about $50.00 each. So, as Obama gets deeper into his first, and hopefully only, term, energy prices continue to go up. (via Drudge Report)

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