Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did a Tea Party Candidate Cost a Republican a House Seat?

When all is said and done, the race for district 26 in New York really has little impact on the overall balance in Congress. Where the impact lies is with how the democrats might have played a little fast and loose with the rules. In the special election in district 26 there are three candidates, Jane Corwin (R), Kathy Hochul (D), and Jack Davis (Supposed Tea Party candidate). Actually, Davis is a former democrat whose campaign manager had this to say about Tea Partiers:

“The (Tea Parties) are essentially replaying the ‘60s protest paradigm (We’re aging baby boomers ourselves, so we know it when we see it). They fancy themselves the vanguard of a revolution, when in fact they are typical self-absorbed, privileged children used to have their way – now – and uninhibited about complaining loudly when they don’t.  it’s the same demographic Spior Agnew called “an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.” (Source: Red State)

Wow, if the a campaign manager ever came to my door and asked me to support their “tea party” candidate, I’d rush right out and vote that very minute… For anyone else but his candidate.

It would not surprise at all if down the road it was discovered that Davis was nothing more than a plant by someone in the democrat party to draw votes away from Corwin. District 26 is traditionally Republican, but not by a huge margin. This kind of fly in the soup could really spoil Corwin’s meal, giving Hochul a narrow victory. What gives me concern is that other districts in other states where the margin of victory is narrow (4-6 percent) will see the impact that Davis’ “tea party” candidacy had on a Republican and will try the same maneuver. Naw, what am I worried about?  the democrats never play dirty pool when it comes to politics.

UPDATE: It appears that Hochul has won the special election although it does appear that Corwin is going to protest the outcome. How long do you think it will take local democrats to start whining about the taxpayer money wasted on a recount? It’s not like they are holding up a state level Supreme Court election or anything like that with an unnecessary recount.

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