Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jerry Lewis Retiring From MD Telethon

A long time ago Jerry Lewis was a hero to me. Not because I have muscular dystrophy but because he was a funny and very warm man.  When I was a pre-teen living in Northern California he used to come through town for an annual Pro-Am golf tournament. One year I was lucky enough to get to caddy for him. I only got to do about three holes, but it was a blast and memory I will not soon forget. He was partnered with Oakland Raider great “Big Ben” Davidson and the two of them together was something out of one of his movies. Talk about a goofball.

He is retiring as the host the annual telethon. He has hosted this telethon for 45 years and has raised millions of dollars for research for MD and ALS. I just hope the fund raising doesn’t slow down because he has slowed down. Godspeed to you Jerry. (via Drudge Report)

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