Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest Erik Scott Update

Mike over at Confederate Yankee has another update on the Erik Scott case. Scott was killed by officers of the Las Vegas Police Department outside a Las Vegas CostCo. The circumstances surrounding Scott’s death has raised alarms in some circles.  Mike has devoted considerable time and effort to provide information regarding the goings-on within the LVPD.

In this posting, Mike provides more details (and some more questions) about the very possible illegal entry into Scott’s home a day or so after Scott was killed. The central question that Mike poses is ‘why was it necessary to enter someone’s home when it was not germane to the investigation?’

So far the LV media has been pretty quiet about all of this. From my perspective it is a little chilling that the LVPD would so blatantly disregard procedures, but even more concerning that the LV media has also remained mostly quiet. The people of LV deserve to know.

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