Friday, May 13, 2011

Boeing, NLRB Update

I have been trying to provide updates and analysis on the on-going dispute between Boeing and the National Labor Relations Board.  In a nutshell, the NLRB has filed a complaint against Boeing that could prevent Boeing from opening a new 787 Dreamliner production line in South Carolina.

In response to the NLRB’s actions the president and CEO of Boeing Jim McNerney posted a letter in the Wall Street Journal.  Well worth a read since it gives a completely different perspective. I’m sure the truth lays somewhere in between what McNerney writes and the complaint filed by the NLRB. Give the very distinct pro-union and anti-business stances of the Obama Administration I have a strong feeling the balance of the truth is much closer to McNerney’s take. (Link via Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post)

And speaking of Jennifer Rubin, read her full article here.  She provides an interesting take on how this issue, if projected properly could be a huge issue in the 2012 Presidential election.

I think the outcome of this issue will have far-reaching impact on the business climate in the US. If the NLRB is able to prevail, this will more than likely send shockwaves through the business community. If the unions are able to apply and win with this kind of government intervention, what other business moves will the unions try to stop? If a business wants to move out of a high tax state like California, Illinois, or New York would the unions try to get the federal government to step in a stop the move?

One thing union leadership has never been able to reconcile in their little brains is that the jobs do not belong to them. The jobs belong to the company or business that creates them. If the business wants to move to a better business climate, say a right to work state, that is within their right to do so. But if the unions have their way this will no longer be the case.

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