Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tucson Schools Superintendent Takes Easy Road

This dude is a coward, plain and simple. The superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District, who had planned to make the radical and anti-American Mexican-American Studies an elective rather than a required course, has caved to far-left protesters.  Here is Glenn Beck’s take on the issue.

KOLD, a local Tucson TV station, has a slightly different perspective, calling Superintendent John Pedicone’s change of position “reaching out to Ethnic Studies supporters…”

There comes a point in time when the right thing must be done and in the case of this issue, the class needs to be eliminated as a requirement for graduation. If it must be made as a requirement, then there should be equal time other "blank" Studies. Why not a African-American studies class, or a American Woman’s class, or a White American Studies class, or an American Indian studies?  Heck, each has contributed to the success of this nation. Why must there be a focus on only Mexican-Americans?

When reading over this story you also must consider what is being taught in this class.  Here are a few excerpts from an article at The Blaze.

…the Mexican-American Studies Program was found to include all the below elements that are banned by state (Arizona) law:

1. Promote the overthrow of the United States Government.
2. Promote resentment towards a race of class of people.
3. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.
4. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils are individuals.

With curriculum like that, no wonder the superintendent had wanted to push this class back to elective status.

A former Hispanic teacher wrote the following, which was included in the superintendent’s testimony:

But the inference and tone was anger.  They taught students) that the United States was and still is a fundamentally racist country to those of Mexican-American kids.

Individuals in this (Ethnic Studies) department are vehemently anti-Western culture.  They are vehemently opposed to the United States and its power. They are telling students they are victims and that they should be angry and rise up.

By the time I left that class, I saw a change (in the students), he said.  An angry tone. They taught them not to trust their teachers, not to trust the system.  They taught them the system wasn’t worth trusting. (Source: The Blaze)

In recent years there has been a tone, especially from the progressives, that race relations are very bad in this country. Is it any wonder? When you teach children this kind of crap, you should expect bad feelings to emanate from the students and for those feelings to be brought out in relations with others. I certainly don’t feel as if I am a racist, but there are some who would call me that for my beliefs. I don’t believe in this day and age that anyone should get special treatment because of the color of their skin, their heritage, or their gender. To some that is racist. And when a class inflames people to believe there are racists lurking around every corner, my own personal beliefs system will come under attack. And when my beliefs that everyone is created equal under the eyes of the law, and more importantly, under the eyes of God, comes under attack, then I am going to stand my ground. When someone comes at me to tell me I must give them something because they are (fill in the blank), I have a tendency to tell them to go pound sand. Prove to me you are worth the position or respect you desire. This class is not teaching this. It is teaching these kids that everyone is trying to keep them down and if the people don’t bow to their demands them they are racist.

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