Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update

1. Unions for Palestine. In the opening paragraph of my initial Weekend Update I wrote that I would provide updates on what I posted over the past week. When I posted this little tidbit I had no idea that Israel’s world was about to implode with the stupidity emanating from the White House. So much as happened that I am not sure where to begin. But I did blog about it later in the week so I will add updates (and there are a few) there.

2. The West Coast Green Highway and My Concerns. Environmental stupidity and waste is something I try to follow so I can provide you with occasional updates. Well, I have discovered something that will be of particular interest to my local (i.e. PACNW) readers and general interest for the rest of you.  It seems that the Washington State Legislature has passed a law that is requiring all planning commissions (local, county, regional) to include EV infrastructure planning as a key component in future planning and documentation. I admit that I am behind the eight-ball on this issue, the dang bill was passed last year.  I will be blogging about in full in the VERY NEAR future. Just a quick glance over the law gives me the chills when I think of all the taxpayer money that is going to thrown down the drain.

3. Erik Scott Update (one and two): there were two updates this week.  As I have said, if you have not been keeping track of this story you really should carve out an hour and read what Mike has blogged about over at Confederate Yankee. Compelling reading on a law enforcement agency that may be out of control.

4. Trump in 2012, Not a Chance. It was fun while it lasted. One of the more interesting aspects to this story is that Trump was more than likely the catalyst that got Obama to release the birth certificate. But of course, this didn’t end the conspiracy theories.

5. A $50.00 Light Bulb. This little tidy took the blog-o-sphere by storm, for about 10 minutes.  Several other sites picked up on it and gave their own little say-so on the matter. Doug Powers blogged about it at Michelle Malkin’s site. Dave Blount at Moonbattery also had a go.  Conservative Blogs Central provides some info also.

6. Gingrich? I Don’t Think So. Newt has announced he is running for President, but with his baggage I don’t think he has a snowballs chance in a hot place.  Divorce and cheating multiple times, the climate change commercial with Pelosi, bumbling and stumbling, and he was so yesterday.

7. Unions Front and Center on Obama Care. The Obama Administration is handing out Obama care waivers like a rich dude hands out candy on Halloween.  Now even more “good news” comes to light. It seems that about half of the approved waivers are for unions.  And the Obama administration won’t release the names of those agencies or companies they have disapproved.

8. Maryland Gives in-state Tuition to Illegal Immigrants. Remember, we don’t call them undocumented workers here at PACNW Righty. They are here illegally, plain and simple, so why should they get in-state tuition rates?

9. A Leftist View of Oil Subsidies. Not much more to add to this. It really is cut and dried. If you are rainbows and unicorns, the American taxpayer should subsidize you.  If you are a producer of the most reliable form of energy production, then you not only should get no subsidies (which I agree, but none for all), but you are an evil, polluting, greedy entity.

10. Gas Station Owner Makes Mistake, Out $21,000. What would you do in this situation? Would you call, text, Facebook all your friends or would you ask the attendant what was going on? For the looks of the article linked HERE, no one was willing to help out this owner. The next question I have I how many really thought there was a special going on and how many figured it was a mistake and it was time to put it the oil companies? Stupid people, the oil company wasn’t out the money, the owner and his family was out the money.

11. Stuff still happening in Wisconsin. Will it ever end? For some reason the progressives cannot understand why we all don’t want to have a totalitarian ruler overseeing everything we do. The concept of not wanting to be told how to live, work and play just does not compute with the left. Related: Recall against dem certified.

12. Tucson Schools Superintendent Takes Easy Road. Chicken poop, plain and simple.

13. Subsidies for Natural Gas Transportation? Repeat, not a fan of subsidies, but this might be worth a look. Natural gas is certainly more efficient per unit converted to energy than wind and solar.

14. Obama and Israel. Are the Jewish-Americans waking up to realize Obama and his progressive cabal are not interested in Israel as a viable state?

15. AARP Receives Obama Care Waiver. One of my readers commented that she and her husband dropped AARP for the support to the health care bill given by AARP. Good on them!

16. Bush Makes A Bunch on the Lecture Circuit and the Left is Mad. Personally, I don’t think the left has it in them to wish any goodwill towards this man.  And they call us conservatives the haters.

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