Thursday, May 26, 2011

Misplaced Faith in the Arab Spring

For the past several months the left wing media has taken conservative bloggers and commentators to the woodshed whenever they have mentioned the possible troubles that loom in the future over the changes now going on the in Middle East. The leftist press has called it the “Arab Spring” and a democratic movement. No mentions made that the likely winner in all this change is going to be groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, who have vast organizations set up all over the Middle East, ready to take advantage of situations just like Egypt.

Now that the dust has settled somewhat in Egypt it appears that Glenn Beck and others were correct. This was not a democratic movement, at least not in a Jeffersonian vein.  It is quite true that Egypt plans on holding elections this September and in a sense, that is democratic. But opposition groups are already saying this is not enough time to organize. The troubling aspect of what is going on in Egypt is that the constitutional referendums passed recently don’t go far enough to curb presidential autonomy and does not give enough balanced power to the parliament.  It also leaves the Army with way too much power, even after the elections are held.  So it appears that while Egypt was able to rid itself of one autocrat, it seems poised to let another step into the same role. And it looks like it will be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are very much anti-American, Anti-Israeli, and very pro-Hamas.

Over at Sister Toldjah (a very cool blog), she has a link that outlines the very real possibility there could be further, and much more destructive, flare ups in the Middle East, mostly surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, and Israel.  Much of it centered on the completely screwed up reading of the tea leaves by the Obama administration.

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