Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Update (First Edition)

I am going to start a new feature today. When I can I will provide a weekly update of the week’s previous posts. If there are updates they will be added here.  If there are no updates then I will provide the link to my post and a very brief synopsis of the post.  If it is anything like my “weekend links” then the “Weekly Update” will be posted on Sunday. Of course, the weekend links don’t always show up on Sunday, but that is the goal.  The order will be oldest to most recent.  Let me know what you think.

1. Christian Churches Burned in Egypt. So far, no proof points to the Muslim Brotherhood having any hand in the Christian church burnings in Egypt that killed several people but the MB does not hold Christians in high regard.

2. Conspiracy Theories Have Some Traction. A link to some conspiracies, such as JFK and Cuba, that actually wound up being true.

3. New Scandal Hits Detroit. Detroit has been through the ringer from scandal after scandal over the past several years. This story outlines the most recent and provides links to some of the more prominent scandals in recent years. Take note that most were perpetuated by democrats. Doesn’t mean Republicans have their hands clean, I’m just sayin’.

4. American Flag Offends. This comes from the pile of “I just can’t believe something like this would happen in America” A school boy drew an American flag and the teacher wouldn’t hang because one of the students might be offended. The school district backed her up. Very sad.

5. Turning the Table on the NLRB. Boeing and the NLRB are in a fight regarding Boeing’s production of the 787 Dreamliner in South Carolina, which is a right-to-work state. Earlier posts on this subject here and here.

6. DREAM Act Coming Soon. Obama is trying to generate the Hispanic vote by suggesting that the DREAM Act, which died last winter, will  be revisited soon. I fear this may be the opening salvo on illegal immigration amnesty (in the words of progressive: “immigration reform for undocumented workers”).

7. Is Obama A Policy Wonk or A Political Hack?  In this post (more of a column) I discuss whether Obama perpetuates policy because he really believes they are in the best interest of the country or because it is in own (political) interests.

8. Man Overboard. The Navy is going to allow their chaplains perform same-sex marriages for the their personnel. Considering Admiral Mullins, who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, this move is not surprising. Mullin was Obama’s point-man on getting DADT thrown out and a new law allowing homosexuals to serve openly.

9. Is Amnesty Around the Corner? More on Obama’s plans to bring about “immigration reform for undocumented workers, or as we say more properly say on PACNW Righty, Amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants.

10. LSU Students Say No to Flag Burning. While I don’t agree with the method the students used to stop the idiot from burning the US flag, I do think it is great they are starting to stand up to the progressive takeover of our college campuses.

11. Boeing, NLRB Update. This post is a little out of sequence from the other post. Blogger was down for quite a while the other day and things were pretty messed up when it all came back on line.

12. Number of Obama Care Waivers Continue to Climb. Since the Congress passed Obama Care the Obama Administration has granted nearly 1,400 mandate waivers. Michelle Malkin has covered this extensively. Once you have read Michelle’s column, type “waiver” into the search box for much, much more.

13. Just Throw Out that Pesky 4th Amendment. The Indiana Supreme Court has basically overturned the US Constitution with this ruling.

14. Chinese Controlling Green Technology. In my opinion, one thing Obama neglected to account for when he decided we need to be more green was that the Chinese were going to be making most of the world’s windmills.

15. Use Ethanol, Get Your Warranty Voided. Several auto-manufacturers have come right out and said using E15, the new ethanol mandate from the Obama Administration, will void the car’s warranty. Several others mention not to use more than E10 in the users’ manual.  This is just great. Windmills made in China, not here and now we may have to use E15, but the warranties will be no good.

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